Why train your Employees?

Train your employees

It happens with every business, employees come in a different kind. Some are experienced some are freshers, some are master in one while some are jacks of all skills. But then, every business organization expects all of its employees to be at their maximum capacity & efficiency. This is a possibility that hardly any business realizes in the beginning, but is achievable.

To overcome absent skills and weak areas, employees undergo development training courses. It can turn out to be a great way to learn new skill sets and expand their knowledge base, all of which will benefit their business in some or the other way. The two most practiced methods of training are:

On the Job training

Here, employees get trained within the framework of the office environment. They will face actual workplace situations, they will learn by doing. This training can be done by temporary promotions or job exchange. It is comparatively economical and easy to execute.

Off the Job training

It consists of activities like seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. hence it is held outside of the office environment. Off the job training or Vestibule training is usually done for a big group of employees or when they are new in the business organization.

Training activities can turn out to be an expensive affair; employees will have to miss out on work in their training period. But, apart from these, training has many advantages which dwarf the cons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Improving on weaknesses: There are hardly any human beings without any weaknesses. Employee training helps in reducing or eliminating the weaknesses and be better at their jobs. This benefits the organization as a whole, quality & efficiency of work increases. It also helps reduce dependencies as the skills of all the employees come on par with each other.

  • Performance: Employee training builds an environment that is favorable to learning and helps them better understand their responsibilities & roles. It also increases their confidence & comfort, bettering their overall performance and that of the organization.

  • Attaining a consistency: Sometimes work quality will drop down, it is not uncommon for work quality to fluctuate. But consistency is any day better to have. It is also essential for the knowledge & exposure of the employees about their company. All employees should be regularly aware of the organization’s expectations, goals, procedures, etc. and training is an amazing way to impart that knowledge.
  • Employee satisfaction: When a company invests in training its employees, they feel to be a valued part of the company. Their likelihood of staying at the company also increases, as training opens up new channels of thought process, gives them skills, makes their work efficient & enjoyable. Training challenges them and gives them a sense of job satisfaction.
  • Reducing recruitment costs: The decision of employees to stick with the same company increases when they go through training programs. This, in turn, reduces employee turnover, dwindling the recruitment costs for your business.
  • Rise in productivity: Do you know, companies that give detailed training to their employees enjoy about 25% more profits as compared to companies that don’t. Training directly impacts performance, which ensures increased productivity, a rise in market share and increased turnover of the company.
  • Enhancing reputation: Another direct result of the above point is the enhanced reputation of the company. It also happens outside the workplace through word-of-mouth.
  • Innovation: Creativity within the employees is bound to increase when they are trained in new skills regularly.

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