Why Millennials on Social Media Impact Brand’s Growth?

Why Millennials on Social Media impact your Brand’s growth?

The social networking sites that are famous today began their baby steps from the year 2003. It started with LinkedIn, then Facebook, and then came Twitter and Instagram. In these years, the oldest millennials were still to reach the age of 30. Thus, you can say that the millennials grew up experiencing the internet and social media in their daily life.

This way, millennials became majority users of these social media as they grew in popularity. Other generations like the Baby boomers and Gen Z also use social media extensively; but millennials sit on the throne, consider baby boomers as advisors to pass on the wisdom, and Gen Z as the heirs of the millennials. The reasons are:

Millennials are in the lead.

Even though Gen Z has a strong social media presence and is the heir to the millennials, they are learning from the millennials and haven’t been around as them. Millennials have more purchasing power as they are older as compared to Gen Z. They have a large population with a disposable income, thus, they are in a better position to shape the market.

As compared to the Baby boomers, millennials have more trust in the user-generated content. They also like to actively participate on social media on a regular basis. Thus social media becomes a goldmine for brands to reach out to millennials and influence their purchasing via marketing.

Millennials perfected social media as they grew.

Technology adoption in their daily life has been done at the earliest by the millennials, which happened in the 2010s decade. Since then till now, millennials evolved with social media integrated into their daily life as they turned from teenagers to 30-ish.

When it comes to purchasing ability, as compared to previous generations, millennials have a higher chance of having social media accounts and also being regularly active on them; they also have a higher population on the social media.

But more than being present and active on social media, millennials are also evolving with various platforms over time. They are getting older, being more private and secure about their social presence and adapting to the changes in the usage and features of social media with time.

Your Brand’s social presence will be impacted by them.

One big frustration for companies is that they still don’t know what exactly the millennials do on social media even after putting a lot of effort into their marketing strategy. Stats will not be enough to answer the question. We will have to delve deeper than that.

Basically, the millennials use social media to stay updated about the latest happenings in the world, to get the news, and to know more about travel and food. Different social media serve different reasons for millennials to use them. Some of them are:

  • LinkedIn: To make new professional contacts, acquaintances related to career and interact with potential employers.

  • Instagram: To share and see images of friends, favorite brands, personalities, and interests.

  • Facebook: Primarily to stay connected with friends and family and follow interests, favorite celebrities, etc.

  • Twitter: To stay updated with special interests in entertainment, sports, brands, news, other popular cultural media, etc.

But apart from that, millennials are also using social media to voice their opinions on the latest happenings around them, in the world, and on the various brands, products, and their experiences with them. They have a higher probability of influencing or getting influenced by brands on social media. Thus, they can become wither your biggest advocates or they can become your worst enemies.

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