Two types of Citation submission: Automatic and Manual

Two types of Citation submission: Automatic and Manual

A strong, accurate, and credible citation of your business goes a long way in cementing the trust of your business among the people. You should ensure accurate information about your business if you do not want to lose customers. Citation is also a big factor in determining the search engine ranking of your business.

Getting citations for your business

Citations are nothing but the mentions of your business details on other websites and search engine results. Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) is the basic information that is necessary to have, then comes the website, other social links, work timings, etc. These citations are found on the chamber of commerce pages, online directories, search engine results, and social media. There are two ways to get citations for your business:

  • A Citation submission service:

Your business information is collected by a citation submission service, and at once, it submits to all the directories uniformly. It also does the verification process on your behalf.

  • Do it yourself: Submitting citations:

Here, you will have to manually submit your business information, one by one, to all the online locations. The process will complete when your submission gets verified.

A citation submission service exists to apply for your business information in the various directory websites with all your required details. Two types of citation submission services exist:

Manual Citation Submission Service

Real people working here will do the submission task for you. They will carefully collect and feed your business’ NAP information in each directory website manually. Thus, the work of one human is done by another.

Automatic Citation Submission Service

In this type, an Application Programming Interface (API) will be used to submit the details of your business to all the online directories. Not just that, you will also get access to an integrated dashboard with which you can update/change that information anytime from anywhere.

Advantages of Automatic Citation Submission:

  • Best for Multi-location businesses: If your business has addresses in multiple locations, this is a better option. It will take a lot less time as compared to a manual citation submission. You will also save yourself from the hassles of managing several accounts and email ids.

  • Easy to follow-up: Detailed reports of the performance of citations are generated quickly and in real-time for you to see.

  • Integrated Dashboard: This feature lets you carry out most functions from one place. This saves a lot of time and hassles. You also get analytics, reports, and all activity logs in one place.

  • No errors: In this process, there are negligible or almost zero chances for errors as compared to a manual citation submission. You can be more assured of the accuracy here than a manual process.

  • Time saving: You will get to see the results in about a week since most of the submissions are done in one shot and the whole process is automated.

Benefits of Manual Citation Submission:

  • A Personal list of Directories: You will get to personalize the list of directories as you want. In automatic submissions, you get a fixed list. This is a good option for niche businesses that get to select relevant directories according to their business offerings.

  • Good for small budgets: Manual citation submission may take comparatively more time, but it is cheaper than the automatic type. The average rate could be in the range of 2-4 $ per listing but it may even take up to six months to see your citation listed.

  • Control & Ownership: In this type, you have complete ownership and control over your listings. This has an advantage that your listings will not be claimed by anyone else nor it will be overwritten. Thus, the search engines will regard your information as legit.

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