The basics of updating Business Information on the Web

The basics of updating Business Information on the Web

If you want to succeed in the cutthroat competition of this digital world, you need to have updated and consistent business information across the whole web for your business. The Internet has reached millions of people around the world, esp. on their mobile devices, and hence, more people are searching for products and services online, on the go.

It may seem to be a small and easy task to perfect and update your business information on the web, but you get many benefits by doing it. If you are unsure of the exact online presence of your business, you should run a scan to find out.

Who should update their business information?

Not a single business should escape this activity. Whether a business is new or old, whether they have changed their location or businesses that are not at all on the web, every business should have an online presence and regularly update their information on the web.

What business information is put up on the web?

Not all the information is required, but the basic one. Among that, the most important is the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). Customers may also require other information about your business like the menu, parking facility, etc. It is basically divided into two categories:

  1. Identities: In this, data like the NAP, business category, and business website is needed.

  2. Attributes: Information like payment methods, products and/or services offered, business hours, business specialties, etc. is required.

Where is this business information updated?

When business information is added to an external website, it then becomes a “citation.” When people search for your business on the search engines, the business details will be listed in the result pages. More the websites your business information is on better will be the prospects of your business being found by the people.

Some of the big and main websites where your business information should be present are:

Yahoo, Google (Google My Business), Facebook, YellowPages, Bing, Yelp, LinkedIn, WhitePages, FourSquare, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

How to do this task?

The businesses that already have an online presence, must first check for their information on the web, how much it is present and how much of it is scattered or incomplete or incorrect. Sometimes, information gets auto-generated and that can turn out to be incorrect, you should claim it and correct all the wrong information present. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Add your business information to online directories one by one, request for an update and then wait for the confirmation. Same way, go for the fixing of incorrect information.

  2. You can take the help of a citation submission service. Here, you only have to update detailed and accurate business information once, and the rest will be taken care of by it. E.g. is Review 360. From just one dashboard, you will be able to manage all your business information across the web, anytime you want.

What benefits do you get?

  • The biggest benefit is that your business gets noticed online.

  • Your potential customers will find it easy to search for and get your products and/or services. Even the search engines will “cite” your business in their searches.

  • Your business sales will increase! You will notice the difference when all the business information is updated and accurately presented on all the sites.

  • Reviews are very important for businesses, you get a higher social ranking, and it also adds to your social proof.

  • Being online is itself free publicity, unlike ads where you have to pay.

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