Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 5

Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 5

One important aspect of having a successful digital marketing strategy is that your business should have error-free business information on the web. Without that, all your campaigns and plans for digital marketing won’t produce the expected results. You should ensure that your Citations should be updated and maintained regularly.

NAP and its importance

Customers can be easily misled by wrong information. Whenever any information changes, update the citation promptly. Taking the help of a tool or a paid service will immensely benefit your business as it comes with many advantages. You shouldn’t lose customers because they couldn’t find your address or contact info via the search engine results.

The NAP of your business also has a big importance on your website. Keep a contact form on your website and make all the contact information easily visible. Your business’ Name, Address, and Phone number should compulsorily be accurate on your website first as most people will believe that more than your NAP elsewhere. Have a separate page for all your contact information and if possible, keep the NAP at the footer of each page on your website.

Use Schema

You can take the help of Schema to inform Google about your business NAP. With Schema, you will be able to provide important information to the search engine crawlers and will also avoid overwhelming your visitors with the same. Schema plays a part in rankings; it ensures that the information looking on the search engine ranking pages is tidy, neat, and professional looking; for that, it takes total advantage of Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Citation building

If you already have citations, prioritize in making them perfect, and if you don’t have any, build them from scratch. But if you go on to do it manually, it will take a lot of your time, which is why you are recommended to take the help of citation building tools e.g. Review 360. You will save much time which you can dedicate to growing your business instead. They have varying prices for their different services and packages, see and compare what will be best for your business and choose wisely.

  • Build listings on sites or directories. Either do it manually if you have ample of time, or the best option is to take the help of citation building tools. The top directories are a must, other than that also take some local and niche directories.

  • You can make press releases and have citations from online distributors and news sites. But it should be impactful and news-worthy, don’t just make a PR just for citations. You can also create content or presentation and share that on doc sharing sites.

  • Take advantage of Job postings by writing interesting and catchy job availabilities. It should give all the information about your business like history, culture, NAP, etc.

  • Take pictures and videos of your business work culture, fun and special events at work, in-store promotions, with customers, etc. and post them on your social media pages. It is a good way to not just build citations but also good customer relations and a human touch.

  • Be regularly involved in your local community, by taking part in events you will be able to build citations easily. You can host your own conferences or gatherings, you can sponsor any upcoming local event; or you can just by ad spaces at that event or run promotions/activities and make your presence felt.

  • By doing the above activities, you will generate articles, advertising and media which you will be able to share online and that will help in building citations for your business.

Citations that are Niche specific

These will be places where experts will have discussions on specifics related to your industry and also will be searched for. They offer a great option to have a clear citation; you will get an attentive audience of interested people to reach out. This becomes useful if your field is technical and jargon becomes a hindrance for many non-interested people.


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