Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 4

Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 4

In a way, we can say that marketing on the digital platform has become more important than doing it traditionally. At least it has become equally important, if not more. Two of the crucial ways of marketing online are social media and paid ads. When done right, they bring a good amount of leads and clients to businesses.

Make sure you have a good presence on social media and are marketing your business in the right way. On the other hand, you are spending money on paid ads, so they must be perfectly done or you risk losing your crucial money.

Social Media

You shouldn’t enter the social media scene blindly without any plans or direction. Take it step by step and whatever you do, know in detail why you are doing it. You don’t want to end up wasting a lot of your crucial time and money. First up, find your target audience and research on what they do on social media, what they want, what your competitors do, etc.

Social media is about identity and brand impression, you are here to sell; for that, you need to be a persuasive conversationalist. Check that you are making attractive content, business page, you are instantly responsive, changing with time, being up to date with the latest trends.

  • Social media for niche: Every social media is used for different purposes. E.g. Instagram is a photo and short video sharing platform, Twitter is mostly used to write about news, viral happenings, and latest updates. Find which platform will best suit your business and focus more on it than others. Build your customer base and trust gradually, find your business-related communities and be active there.

  • Customer service: It is a very important part of any business. Customer service can be done via any channel. Businesses use even two-way communication on social media to effectively deliver good customer service. It is a faster way than the traditional methods of customer service. Be polite in your replies and don’t make any gestures or promises which you won’t be able to deliver.?

Paid Ads

For many businesses paid advertisement is a crucial strategy to generate leads and conversions in a quantifiable and effective manner. Local businesses need to increase their PPC (Pay Per Click) spend to get better results. Some important networks for paid search are:

  • Google’s Search Network Ads: When it comes to search traffic and getting what you need, your priority should be this giant. Select the “search network only” option when you set up a campaign. You should have a budget of at least 25$ per day. You can also advertise on Google’s “search partners,” but if it is not working well, pause it.

  • Bing/Yahoo: The best way to go forward is to set up a campaign on the Microsoft Bing Ads Portal, that way you will be able to advertise on both the search engines. Consistently monitor the ads here, if they aren’t working, pause them.

  • Facebook: This option works extremely well for some industries while for others it does not at all. Find out that aspect for yourself and go ahead accordingly. It has a very low cost per click and easy to get started on Facebook. Set your campaign to CPC, because the CPM ads don’t work well for local businesses. Use geographic targeting and demographics the most, and also do a lateral targeting that includes education, likes, etc.

  • Remarketing on Google: In this, you will run targeted ads centered on customers who visited your website. You can use the same Google Adwords interface but ensure to put up a separate remarketing segment on Google Analytics which will not include those who have already left a lead or contacted you.

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