Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 2

Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 2

Digital Marketing is not an easy task, especially for small businesses. Very few people or even a single person have to take responsibility for so many things in so less time. It can get intense and consume their lot of time if nothing is organized. This is why this article will come handy in two aspects of it, just like the previous one here.

Building Links & Local Connections

Your local business will immensely benefit if and when you take a genuine interest in your local community. Whether it is in a structured or unstructured format, connecting strongly with local people will give you an immense competitive advantage over your rivals even if they are not present in the same local community. Here are some ways by which you can build relationships and increase engagements:

  • Find businesses around your area that will be complementary to your offerings. It will create a sense of community and foster a mutually beneficial association.

  • Stay in touch with your local media like the radio, TV channels, newspapers, etc. Give them something newsworthy regarding your or related to your business, anything from which they will make news. E.g. opening of a new store, unit, any other engaging activity, etc.

  • Review other businesses in your community or anyone else from your field of offering. That way when they will need your services, they will review yours.

  • Get involved with local bloggers. Comment on their activities and engage with other people there too. You may write a guest blog for them or invite them to write for you.

  • You can take the sponsorship of any local event as it will give you immense/instant exposure. Sponsoring a charity event will be good karma, as is sponsoring a student program.

  • Participate or take sponsorship of events in local schools become a speaker in their functions.

  • Become an influencer/speaker in the field of your business, talk knowledge and everything that will establish you as a thought-leader in the community.

Creating Content

Content is anytime crucial for your business, updating your website/social media handles regularly with new content has many benefits to it esp. if it has proper keywords and trending topics. Frequently update the keywords related to your business as they change with trends. Your business should not lose its SERP ranking.

Decide on the kind of content your business need. Many local businesses are unsure of that in the beginning. Hence, it is better to have a variety as it also gets a wide audience base, increasing your chances of getting customers. Gradually monitor the traffic on the content, see the trends, and then focus on the ones that are giving more results.

  • The different kinds of content a local business can produce are: Articles, testimonial videos, press releases, blogs, info graphics, products/service photos or videos, community event updates, cover local happenings, etc.

  • Videos can prove to be very much beneficial for small businesses if they get mixed up properly. You can make videos of many types like product unboxing, helpful tips, service videos, customer testimonials, videos of workplace events or culture, etc. There are many online tools you can use to edit them like PowToon, VideoScribe, etc.

  • You can also order great content from the marketplaces as it will benefit you a lot in terms of visibility, reach, branding, SERP, etc. Some of the marketplaces are:,,,,,, and

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