Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 1

Online Optimization of Your Local Business – Part 1

You have to keep a lot of things in mind when it comes to Digital Marketing. It is easy though, for big businesses as they either outsource this work or have a lot of manpower to work on it. But that is not the case with Local businesses; they have to take care of most of these things, on their own. It can get overwhelming and they may miss out on some important parts.

This article will cover two aspects of digital marketing with the necessary tips and info that will make the job easier for local businesses.

Email Marketing

Do you know that email marketing gives one of the best ROI (Return on Investment) among all kinds of marketing efforts? So don’t get disheartened by words like “spam.” Email marketing includes offer emails, newsletters, community updates, etc. Think about it in the right way.

You can also consider email marketing more as a retargeting strategy than getting new customers. To get new customers, you will first need their mail IDs. Full marks if you get that in email lists, but mailing to new people also gives high chances of you going in their spam folder forever.

  • You also cannot force anyone to know about your business, hence always make it easy for them to “Unsubscribe” your mails.

  • To boost your email open rates, send them again to the non-openers, with some changes that will make your mails more attractive and likely to open.

  • By having unique URLs, you can track the amount of traffic you get from emails using analytics. In this process, you will also know the preferences of your customers about offers, news, images in mails, the title of emails, etc.

  • Your mails should have a CTA (Call To Action). Make it contextual, easily visible, and eye-catching. Construct the CTA such that it will be descriptive, hard to miss for the customers, and easy to act on.

  • The subject line of your mail should be concise yet catchy, to fit it and be completely visible in mobile devices.

Reviews & Reputation

It’s a good business practice to know how your customers feel about your business, it is better if even the world knows, provided they are good reviews. You may risk losing out on visibility if your business gets anything below 4 out of 5 stars.

Regularly monitor the reviews and reply to them courteously on time. Set up a process for this activity as it is important to manage your online reputation. It is through reviews that you will get to know how your business is faring; what needs to be done, in which direction to go to progress and succeed in your business.

Thank those who have praised you, cater to unhappy customers by assuring a better service the next time. These reviews will also guide you about small aspects like changing your product(s)/service(s) or parts of them, website, local store, etc. You can use the following tools for Online Reviews: 1. 2. 3.

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