Making the most out of your Google My Business profile

Making the most out of your Google My Business profile

Business owners, however small they are, have one amazing option to market their business – Google My Business. Opening your account here and listing your business makes it easy for your business to show up on the various Google results.

But are you taking advantage of all its features and using them in such a way that your business gets the maximum benefit? If the answer is no, then here is a list of tips you can implement to do just that!

Using AdWords Location for your phone extensions.

If you want your customers to get the accurate local information and local extensions, then link your Google My Business and AdWords accounts. The local extensions will display details like the address, phone number, ratings, business hours, etc. Local extensions will also help display these details on a variety of places like Google Maps, mobile devices, Google search and the Network partner sites of it. The Google AdWords Location Phone Extensions will help people who search for your business on their mobile devices for calling you directly, find directions, and visit your website easily.

Be active on Google reviews.

It is important to reply back to the reviews of people as it creates an impression of trust and influences the potential customers. Do you know that about 85% of customers read reviews of others before making a purchase? Whether the reviews are good or bad, you should respond to them on time; and the reasons are many.

You improve your business visibility on Google, you get testimonials that can be marketed later, and you better understand your customers as you interact with them.

Your Google reviews should be embedded on your website.

There are two big reasons to do this activity – It increases consumer confidence and it helps boost SEO ranking of the website as it adds user-generated content.

Adding pictures of your store.

Do you know that business listings having photos get about 40% more clicks and are considered more reputable? The profile picture should be the latest and catchy as it gets noticed the most. Apart from that, GMB also lets you add other types of images to your listing as mentioned below:

  • Cover photo: It should have dimensions of 2120 x 1192 pixels. It should showcase what your business is all about.

  • Logo: Your business logo should be about 250 x 250 pixels dimensions.

  • Preferred photo: This will be the photo to be displayed beside your business name on Google maps and search. You have to recommend one such photo.

  • Interior photos: Customers will get a feel of the looks and ambiance of your business.

  • Exterior photos: They will greatly help customers recognize your business from any direction. Upload photos from each direction that customers will approach your store.

  • Product/Service photos: The customers will better gauge the quality of your offerings. Add photos of the most popular products/services first.

  • Team photos: Photos with employees will show a personal side of your business and how your team is, for potential customers.

  • Photos at work: Customers will understand the kind of work you do. Your team offering service/products to customers, their interaction, etc.

Hire a Google trusted photographer for your business.

You can put panoramic images of your business in Google maps, and that will give enable your potential customers to identify your store from any location and give a real feel of your business in 360 degrees. To use this feature correctly, you need to get a photographer who is qualified enough and has the right equipment. Here, the Google Trusted Photographers feature comes in handy.

By getting the services of these experts having 360-degree cameras, the high-quality immersive images on Google maps will increase the confidence in the potential customers about your business.

For more leads, use Google My Business and AdWords Express.

AdWords Express is a perfect marketing tool for local businesses. It will help you reach potential customers in a specified radius around your business. You will be able to manage it all from a single dashboard when you add your AdWords Express account to your Google My Business account.

Add all the business locations to your GMB profile and link it to AdWords Express; then add location extensions which will be displayed for all your campaigns. Ads having location extensions, on average get a 10% Click Through Rate. You will also be able to use the location listings for targeting and bid adjustments.

Optimize your business profile as per the Insights.

The Insights of Google My Business are displayed on a dashboard and help you understand the user interaction with your business information on Google. You can check the total number of clicks, views, and reach of a post. You will also get from where the users are searching, number of users who clicked on your contact number from search results and Google map, etc. You must always optimize your business listing based on these insights.

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