Local search: Optimizing for the Mobile platform

Local search: Optimizing for the Mobile platform

The search engines have given people a lot of power and options to choose from. Today, you can get all the information you want on any topic just by typing your query in the search box of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Even businesses are taking advantage of this by optimizing the search factors or parameters that will benefit them.

But you should know that optimization is different in the usual PC/laptop platform and for mobiles. Have you optimized your website and SEO for mobile and local channels? The usage of mobiles for search queries is increasing every day, it is now on par with the desktop search. With these four ways, you can increase your business revenue, traffic, and customers:

Be creative with your listings

Stand out from the crowd, be different from others. Highlight the features that set your business apart from others. If you offer free WiFi, instead of writing “Free WiFi!” you can write “Stay connected online with our free WiFi!” If you have parking at your premises, you can say “Bring along your drive, park it, be worry-free!” Fill your listings with all that you offer, in a creative way.

Add multiple photos

Posting photos of your business on listings and social media is a compulsory activity which you shouldn’t miss out on. Photos greatly enhance your prospects of getting more customers. You can just click photos from your phone and upload them straightaway, but if you have the budget, it is recommended to hire a professional photographer.

High-quality clicks will look clearer to potential customers, you will be one step ahead of your rivals. Also use photos clicked by customers as your business will be shown from their point of view. Encourage them to tag your business on social media, you may give a small discount to those who do it, or who send their photos at your business to you. The more photos you upload (of all the locations, from all the angles), the more chances of you getting more customers.

Consistent and updated business info

Ensure all the details and information of your business are correct and the same across the web. If you have changed your store location, check the web for old addresses and phone numbers. Do this by typing your business name or other info in search engines, and if you see any faults or issues anywhere, rectify that immediately.

One easy way of doing this is to use the services of Review 360. You will save a lot of time as many tasks will be quick and automatically done with just a click. We recommend you send an intra-office mail to all the employees and others connected to your business giving out the accurate business info. The mail will help in case your business has multiple addresses and phone numbers for different purposes. You ought to be consistent across all your outgoing business materials by employees like mails, documents, press releases, marketing materials, etc.

Promote customers to check-in

Location-based services have increased as the usage of mobile devices is on the rise, two best examples of that are Yelp and Foursquare. You can increase web traffic to your business using such services. Today’s search engines are increasingly integrating social information in their search results. Thus, encourage your customers to check-in on their social accounts when they visit your place.

Place stickers of Yelp & Foursquare on your store walls or windows. Use different strategies to make people interact with and mention your business, be active on twitter and engage in conversations on all topics related to your business.

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