Knowing the Importance of Intent-based Marketing

Knowing the Importance of Intent-based Marketing

As compared to a decade ago or even just a few years, today people have gained a bigger control over the kind of content they want to engage with and the media they use. As time flies, consumer behavior undergoes a change. Previously, people had more patience in wanting things in their lives, but now, they want easy and instant access to information and things they need. They look for relevant content whenever they want, in their own time. This new reality of consumers forms the base aim of “Intent Marketing.”

What is Intent Marketing?

Simply put, it is an act of marketing a service or product based on the intent of consumers to adopt it, consume, or purchase that particular service/product. In this type of marketing, you will prioritize the customer’s purposes over those of the brands, and then, target them accordingly. It helps the marketers to accurately determine the needs and wants of customers at any point in time. It is a marketing strategy that presents people exactly what they must see to select a business.

Content has been king, still is, and will always be; whether it is product inventory, photos/videos, customer coupons or reviews. The right kind of content is shown in Intent marketing on demand to people who want it, across the media channels that are used the most by people, like social media, mobile marketing, voice search, and traditional search media.

The importance of Intent Marketing

If you study consumer purchase behavior and the changes it has gone over the years, you will realize the importance that Intent marketing holds for today’s marketers. Haven’t you done this following activity before? If you want to know more about a person whom you have met for the first time, you obviously take the help of Google, and then their social media profiles. You will read any blog posts if they have written, with all this, you do get a fair idea about them.

This is the same way how people are now researching businesses before deciding on taking their services or purchasing their products and it is not a surprising thing. The days when Yellow pages were the best way to reach potential consumers have long been relegated into the past; today’s people instantly want information about businesses and they use all the media channels available to them at that point of time, like Google search, voice search, social media, etc.

Smartphone and its role in Intent marketing

In the last few years, affordable android-based mobiles have become available to the public; add to this the proliferation of mobile internet, and you get a powerful search option in your hands, 24 x 7, wherever you are on the planet! This has completely changed how people search for information. A research published on concluded that about 83% of search queries are unbranded.

Not just that, 43% of all search queries on Google are local, and 9 out of 10 people who run a local search will contact one of their search results in the next 24 hours. Brands and small businesses should see this as a big opportunity to smartly market themselves, which is why Intent marketing has now become more crucial than before.

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