How to engage Millennials on your Social Media?

How to engage Millennials on your Social Media?

If you want your business to thrive, you better attract people who are currently in their 20s and 30s. Better known as “Millennials,” most of the people born in the decades of 1980 and 1990 have now entered the workforce and started generating incomes. Naturally, they become a potential customer for you with their newfound purchasing power.

In a previous blog, we came across the impact of millennials on social media. Include them in your social media strategies if they are not. You can take the help of the following pointers to generate revenue by attracting millennials to your brand:

Less text and more visual

Today’s people greatly value their time and also have a small attention span than before. Hence, your textual content should be less as possible yet more in impact and engagement. Focus more on images, videos, emojis, interactive content, memes, etc. as millennials love visuals and go according to the latest trends.

Sense of community

If millennials feel to be a part of something bigger, they like it. Being in a community foster strength and credibility, a competitive advantage is created for your business.

Be honest

What you post should be unbiased, straightforward, and reliable. Avoid making tall claims or promises and later falling short of fulfilling them. Transparency is highly regarded by young people. If they find cheated or lied about anything by a business they will ignore the business in the future and go to rivals.

Go mobile

Millennials are no. 1 in Smartphone usage, followed by Gen Z, the next generation to target in the future. Optimize your website, social media content and local listings/citations for mobile view and do not disappoint them. You will get a significant number of customers via mobile.

Influencer marketing

You cannot ignore the power that influencers have over people esp. the millennials and Gen Z. Take the help of influencers to reach new audiences and send your content to the right audiences.

Build a personality

You should have a brand personality that will align with your business mission and vision, and will support your business objectives. Avoid being generic and boring. Be sarcastic, funny, engaging, pragmatic, or even controversial; in short, anything that will capture the audience’s attention.

Seamless experience

Whatever be the channel, millennials require an integrated and seamless experience. Consistently give a personalized experience to each of your customers during every interaction. Avoid being formal and robotic.

Show interest in education

Build your brand awareness on content that will be valuable to the millennials. Millennials highly regard content that is educational and informative to them. You can write knowledge enhancing articles or make “how-to” videos, just minimize blowing your own horn.

Always keep track and update yourself about what the audience is doing on social media, what they need and want. Social media and its users constantly change and evolve with time, what works now may not work in the future. In the end, it is all about communication; you may not necessarily need social media to reach the millennials, but you will definitely need millennials to succeed on social media.

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