How do Online Directories help Small Businesses?

How do Online Directories help Small Businesses?

We now live in such a world where to find a particular product or service, the first thing we do is do an online search. So to compete and grab the attention of potential customers in the online space, many businesses consider it essential to have a website, active blog, social media pages, etc. no doubt these activities increase their visibility. But for basic searches, companies should look to get included in the various online directories.

When they began, online directories were in the format of Yellow Pages, but today they give a variety of options to businesses and also consumers. Apart from a physical address and contact information, they also benefit businesses in the following 5 ways:

Biographic info

This helpful category gives businesses an unbiased appeal. Directories that are industry specific provide space for people to write their short biography pertinent to their career, e.g. consultants, doctors, authors, etc. A singer can list his albums or songs released. In a way, it is like an “about us” for businesses and gives extra space for customers to find them.


This is a must feature for any business to show, after all, people like visual proof of business. If you want the attention of more people, you should upload as many photos as you can in your listings. The photos can be of your products, services, physical store, staff members at work, team members together, etc.

Click high-quality & high-resolution photos of all your products and business location from all angles. Consumers sample the quality and check whether to make the drive to your location. Photos provide a “face” to your business.


Decades ago, reviews were in the form of “word of mouth,” today they are posted online. Just like photos, people give equal importance to reviews. Unlike photos, here you don’t have complete control of what to show to people about your business. Negative reviews have the ability to damage the reputation of your business. Hence, select online directories that will give you some editorial control on the reviews of your business.


Sometimes a customer will be looking for a specific product or service they know about, but they don’t know which company to do business with. In that case, a directory provides the option of comparing various businesses offering the same product, making it easy for people to select the best option. This is a benefit not just for the consumers, but also for the businesses; because consumers will not always select one business all the time, the possibility of choosing other businesses is also high as compared to selecting only the official website of the product/service. 

Searching specific info

Businesses are informed by some online directories about how people find them. This information can be valuable for business and they can use it to better their website, search rankings, etc. This generally includes geography specific searches, keywords, and other such ways by which people find businesses.

You will get a lot of benefits if you add your business to the popular online directories. It is essential for every business to manage its online reputation or they risk being hijacked by fake listings. Utilize every opportunity to showcase yourself to potential customers in searches.

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