Frequently Asked Questions

The directories and search engines have different ways of sourcing and publishing business data. Most of them get data from multiple sources like phone books, government records, listing aggregators, trade publications, directory files, etc. it is not always that information from different sources will match-up. Google My Business gets data directly from the business via a registration system. Thus, in the end, it is for the businesses to claim and update their listings across the web.
By default, the best source is the businesses themselves. They best know their address, contact information, working hours, changes if any, etc. What businesses do is they just claim a listing which aren’t updated or reviewed regularly.

“Bad” data isn’t bad from the beginning. Once it was accurate, but with time the information got updated and no one replaced the old one with the new one. That way, over time, it becomes bad data. Now unless you proactively change it, this old information will remain as bad data.