Expertly Manage Your Business Blog with These 4 Tips

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If you work at any new business esp. at a marketing agency, you know very well how cumbersome it is to manage the day-to-day activities that include multiple clients, projects, teams, tasks, etc. it becomes a common thing for some tasks to lag behind others. More often than not, your website blog happens to be there in this category, isn’t it?

Writing blogs for your business is a part of marketing your own business and you should not neglect it at all; because the more you do marketing of your own business, the more clients you will get! What you practice for your clients, should be practiced with yourself too!

Content is king and creating it consistently can be the key to developing a strong brand for your business. You can write regular content, and on time, with the help of the following tips:

Assigning tasks responsibilities: For anything to run smoothly, it should have a proper plan in place. You must be having detailed tasks or marketing schedule for your clients, you can just use it or make a similar one for your business blog. Some of the activities to include are:

  • Making and managing the content calendar.
  • Inviting & corresponding with guest contributors including clients.
  • Assigning specific person for different tasks like researching, writing, Photoshop, proofreading & editing, social media, etc.
  • Promoting content online.

You can keep more than one person for a task as required, this will ensure the tasks do not get delayed because of the absence of one person.

Keeping similar tasks in one “Batch”: To increase the efficiency and the output, you can group similar tasks in one batch. It is better to do multiple related tasks one after another in a batch than spreading them out over time. You can send multiple guest posts invites at a time than doing it sporadically over time. Some other batches could be:

  • Researching & writing: You can research for more articles or for the week at the same time and also write them one after the other for a specific time.

  • Graphics: Make the required graphics for posting content on the website or graphics for social media promotions all at once instead of one after some time.

  • Social media: instead of individually, you can schedule the blog posts for promotion at once for the week or other specific duration.

Managing all duties in one place: It is essential to know the current status of all the planned activities and the schedule for blogging to ensure that nothing is left behind, nothing is missing. Even if some issues come to your notice, you can quickly act on it.

A proper excel sheet depicting all responsibilities, deadlines, progress, status can do. You can also take the help of online tools or software to manage your blogging tasks efficiently. The methods that you use to manage all the tasks for your clients can be used here too.

Meet regularly for planning: Take stock of what has happened till now, how effective it has been, what to do to enhance or change it. The whole team should meet regularly to discuss the above and more such points like planning for the next month/week, etc. The meetings need not be compulsory but as needed; sometimes they may be more, sometimes, they may be less frequent.

Once you start doing your work, it should be done consistently without any interruptions, else it reflects badly on your business image. You have to put on special efforts only in the beginning, as you set in a routine for blogging, it will come easily and naturally for you. Quality blogging will help in your business growth and become a great marketing tool.

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