Emotionally engaging people with your Brand

Emotionally engaging people with your Brand

Why do we advertise our business? So that people will come to us to buy our products/services! Naturally, it is not an easy task, nor it gets over in a short time. You have to build a strong social media strategy to strike a chord with the people and sell your products/services effectively.

People today have become very smart in spending their money; they will research their options extensively and after much thought will zero in on one. It is left to you to fight your rivals and convince people that your products/services are the best after all. Is there a better way to do it than to establish an emotional connection? Here’s how you engage with your target audience:

Happy posts

Will any other emotion sell better than Happiness? People too share such posts more than other types. But you must know that this emotion has been used countless number of times by marketers till now, which is why there are plentiful posts on this emotion. This may make it difficult for you to differentiate yourself from others, although you can focus on and target specific shades of happiness. It can prove to be an excellent impetus for sharing behavior among people.


Inspirational posts will never disappoint or fail, they are always sought-after posts. We all look out for inspiration in our life and when people see such posts, they willingly share them. Include inspirational posts in your social media strategy which will relate to your brand and offerings, cleverly promote your business, and also inspire people.


People never flip through humorous posts, they truly appreciate and show interest in this specific kind of happiness. Even people who are not in your target market segment will engage with your brand. Making others laugh is also an art, just make sure that when you make humorous posts, don’t offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings.

Witty posts

Posts that engage a person on an intellectual level are welcomed by everyone. A smart advertisement has a good chance to capture people’s attention. You have to make witty, smart, and simple posts that will advertise your business, and also relate to any current trend or happening. Wittiness fosters smiles and happiness, hence such posts create an impetus for sharing behavior among the people.


It is a contagious and powerful emotion when evoked in the right way, maybe that is why many social media marketers use it in various shades in their posts. But this emotion has the same concern as happiness mentioned above, it is used so much that people have become desensitized to it; you may try using the emotion of anger with sadness. If your business is making a post about an issue that evokes sadness and has a call to action, people will see your brand as sensitive for the issue, thus, making it very successful.

Engaging emotionally with people is a proven strategy to increase your business and get more customers. This is because humans have been expressing themselves through emotions right since the dawn of mankind and we still do it every day. Having emotionally charged content to share and a strong social media strategy will truly pay rich dividends to your business.

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