Do people know your Business Location?

Business Location

One small business in Fort Myers, Florida did a lot of things to generate leads and go in profits. They made a modern website, updated it with all the latest content and trends. They regularly posted blogs on it; they also frequently posted on their social media. They got phenomenal traffic on their website but business was not going up for them.

After a careful inspection of their website and social media, we found the culprit – business location, or the absence of it! One of the most critical pieces of information was nowhere to be seen on their website clearly. It is obvious that you won’t get any business from your website if it is not showing your business address clearly.

To avoid any situation like the Fort Myers business, check the status of the business location of your website, is it visible enough for everyone? You may use the following three tips to get your “location” thing perfect and increase customers:

Include State & City in the Meta & Title tags

The Title and Meta description of businesses is shown in the search results of Google and others. That is the first contact of potential customers with your business. So it becomes sensible to put your business location in the Title tag and the Meta tag.

Search engines are now becoming better at returning results which are relevant to a location related search. When you put your business location in the Title and Meta tag, search engines will know where you are located. Having your city & state in the home page title of your website will benefit you in such a way that if someone is searching for your service in the same locality will more likely click on your website in the search results. Be different from your competitors.

Insert your Business location in the Header

Such is the importance of showing your business location that you include it in the header of your website. This will make it one of the first things for people to see when they visit your website. You should not make people search for your business address, people easily get frustrated and move on to other business.

Website Footer should have the Business location

Don’t stop at just the header of your website and on the home page. People also visit the inner pages, and if at that time if anyone has to know your business location, they will get irritated to go back to the home page. Sometimes, people will also land directly on the inner pages of your website.

Either way, your business address should still be accessible to people without they need to make any special efforts to get it; which is why your business location should be present in the footer of every page. That will make it real easy for people to find your business. Implementing these changes will ensure that your business will shoot up too, besides the usual increase in website traffic; exactly what happened with the small business located in Fort Myers.

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