Customers will find you with these Online Marketing Tips

Customers will find you with these Online Marketing Tips

A website serves many purposes for businesses like marketing, sales, visibility, and also giving their contact information! You will get more traffic to your website if it is updated regularly with new content; but to get more business, the address and other contact information are vital. If you want your visitors to find your business or contact you, consider implementing these following tips:

Your Title and Meta tag should have State and City

With time, search engines are returning with more and more location specific results for queries. They are getting better at this part of their job. Take advantage of this and put the state and city name of your business address in the title and Meta tag. You will stand out from the competition too.

If the city and state name are present in your website title, it will benefit you because if anyone searches for your services in that same state and city, they will more likely click on your website as it will show up higher in the search results page.

Your business location should be added in the Header

A single most crucial piece of information about your website should be the business location. Hence, you should ensure that it is seen prominently by visitors, it will be beneficial if the visitors see it first when they open your website. Adding your business location in the header will be a good move if you want all your website visitors to see it.

Humans have a tendency to be impatient if they are finding any information. The longer your website makes them to find your business contact information, more will be the chances of them leaving your website and going to a competitor’s website instead. 

Keep the contact info in the footer of all pages

Your business address and other contact information should be there on the home page, it should also have a separate and specific page for itself. But it is not necessary that everyone will enter your website from the home page itself, some of them may land on your website via a link which will take them directly on any inner page.

Hence, it is advised to put your address and other contact information in the footer of every page of your website. That way it will become easier for everyone to find and contact you. It doesn’t take much time to implement this change. 

Bonus Tip: Include Photos in your business listings

A majority of searchers will prefer a business that has photos put up in their listings. The photos can be of the business store, any other factory or outlet, logo, or even products. Images capture more attention than just the text. Hence, ensure that you add images to your business listing. Keep a variety of photos like the types mentioned above as they will increase your engagement and business. Not just that, you can also add coupons or videos to your listings! All these changes will make you stand out in the competition and attract more customers to you instead of rivals.

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