The Changing Dynamics of Consumer Local Search Behavior

Local Search

Search engines have made it easy for people to find any information they desire in a few seconds. Likewise, it has also opened up possibilities for businesses to leverage this feature and get the best out of it for them. If you can understand the consumer behavior regarding local search, you can effectively market your business and you can build a prospering business.

Search is Becoming Prominent

Search technology has come a long way since it began. Today, you can get every kind of information or answer in every format in the search results instantly. It has made our life so easy to live, whenever we want anything or any information, wherever we are on the planet, we just have to open our mobiles and ask Google or other such search engines, who are ready with solutions for us that are shown to us in a second.

People feel so empowered with this search technology. Today, they have a whole world of information at their fingertips which they can use before deciding on a purchase. This has also changed the way local search is done. It has become more intent-based and conversational, thanks to the rise of voice based search.

The search queries for local information have increased esp. with keywords like “near me.” They also expect the results to be specific & relevant. People are now conducting searches for even the simplest of tasks; they have gone much beyond the straight & simple usage of search they are taking a second opinion even on personal matters, evident by the keywords like “me,” “I,” “my,” etc.

How Will Your Business Take Advantage of It?

When you know what customers want, what they do while at the search engines, you should make use of all this knowledge and leverage it for the growth & success of your business. How will you go about doing this? One way is to put yourself in the place of your customers, you will get a fair idea to come up with ways to increase your chances of discovery.

  • Listings: Consistent, Accurate, and Updated: Ensure all your business information is perfectly displayed in the listings of various directories. This is the most simple & basic task you should do to make a big difference in targeted local search queries.

Specify all that you can about your business like the Name, Address, Phone number (NAP), working hours, website, directions, parking, etc. and regularly update for any changes.

  • Q & A of Google: It appears on the knowledge graph for businesses, and can be a good way for people to learn about your business. Though this is user generated content, you can answer queries in detail because Google indexes this information. All of this might take time, but you definitely need to do this.

  • Voice Search: This is the next big thing in search and innovation. You will get a lot of lead over other businesses if you become one of the early adopters of this tech while voice search is still in its nascent stage. Giving the option of your business in a specific set of will be a big achievement and visibility that will boost your business presence and appear on more searches.

  • Business Reviews: More number of people are searching with the word “best” to get solutions. They are giving results in a local three pack format where the best three options with the most ratings & reviews are shown. To get your business here, your business must generate good reviews; the more the better.

  • Keyword Strategy: One change regarding personal search queries is that people have started searching in a way they talk with others. This has led to a rise in the phrases “should I,” “for me,” “near me,” etc. If your website (offline & online) SEO and ads include such keywords, your business will appear in these searches.

It is good if you expand your keyword search and include long-tail keywords esp. those with a conversational phrasing. Keep on updating your keywords repository regularly. Create meaningful content that will include these relevant keywords.

  • Structured Mark Up Data: Schema markup is a crucial aspect that helps the search engines to understand a page’s meaning and how to best represent its information in the search results. Hence apply it to your website using the correct keywords, so that your search rankings will get a boost and a higher chance of appearing in the local three pack.

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