Analytics & Reporting

Get a true reflection of your performance across the web in the Analytics. In our Reporting Dashboard give automated performance reporting, engage and retain your customers.

Benefit from our Powerful Analytics & Reporting solutions

Analytics & Reporting

Do you always want to know how your brand is performing on the internet, but can’t because it is scattered in many places on the digital space? Our comprehensive Analytics dashboard will make it happen for you in real-time! Wherever any customer interaction happens, analytics will bring it into focus for you.
This powerful feature helps you optimize your business performance!

Real-time Analytics

Empower yourself to leverage customer interactions into insights to drive new customers and prospects to your business.

Tracking your brand reach

Get a detailed view of your brand presence across the web, content, and reputation all together in one dashboard. Track your search rankings and the changes in it.

Engagement metrics

Measure and analyze all the marketing profile views so that you can improve your marketing strategy and get the most out of it.

Timely Reporting of activities

Get insightful reports and analytics that help take timely action to build your brand. It will include all the data from Listings, Reviews, Website analytics, Digital marketing campaigns, etc. Now adapt your upcoming plans and strategies to best suit your growth and success. Get an accurate overview of profile views, impressions, website visits, phone calls, et al.