5 Tips to Get the Right Influencer for your Local Business


The number of people who check the reviews and opinions of others about products or services has increased. Some such reviewers are gaining mass followers and influencing people’s buying decisions, which is why they are working with business brands to promote their products/services. Businesses easily get to engage with new audiences who value social proof.

Influencers with a global audience are easy to find and hence big businesses quickly get the required influencers to market their products/services. But local businesses need local influencers for their promotions. Since their followers are mostly confined to a specific area, it is comparatively difficult to find them. You can use the following ways to find the correct influencer who will effectively market your business:

Find who is talking about your business

Search and track all those who are talking about your business. Analyze all the negative and positive mentions. By this method, you will be able to find influencers who already know about your business. It will be easy to work with them as they will accept your offer and promote your business willingly than any other influencer.

Your Local listings should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date

Never forget your current customers as they can advocate your business effectively. For this, make your business listings uniform, accurate, and updated across all platforms. You can take the help of Review 360 who will do this job for you in a very short time.

Update your business Name, Address, Phone number, and all other information; and remove all the duplicate information and inconsistencies. Review 360 will also help you monitor all your reviews and respond to them in time, including the negative reviews. Once everything is in place – listings, good reviews, etc. then target influencers to promote your products/services.

Use local hashtags to search

Using hashtags can be an effective way to discover local influencers for your business. Use different hashtags on different social media platforms and find those who are talking about your business or your industry. Curate the posts that have the most engagements, visit their profiles, check their followers and activity, their frequency of posting, etc.

Check for those having a website or blog. Be creative with your hashtags so as to get better results. Use hashtags related to every individual product/service and your business name. Reach out to the most relevant influencers and open up a new set of potential customers for you.

Take the help of Influencer marketing tools

Many platforms and tools maintain a database of influencers with them. You can just approach them and ask for relevant influencers for your business. Why do everything manually? By applying the right filters, in no time you will get the desired influencer options to choose from. They will also give you the details and contact information of these influencers, their fees, etc. You can then finalize the most appropriate ones based on niche, location, followers, engagement, etc.

Search Google for relevant blogs

Some influencers work only in the blogging niche. You can find them via Google or the usual blogging sites like Blogger, WordPress, etc. Out of the thousands of regular bloggers, some may be writing on topics related to your industry. Search using different keywords and analyze the top results. Shortlist a few of them, check their blogs and profiles in detail on various parameters.

Getting a local influencer to promote your products or services will immensely benefit your business. You will get a new set of consumers, reviews, backlinks, and more visibility. Connect with local influencers in your niche, drive sales and build a strong reputation. Your ROI with a local influencer will be more.

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