5 Resolutions Small Businesses should make in 2020


Who said that resolutions are made only by individuals? Just like other humans, even business owners have goals and ambitions for their companies and it is good to make a planned roadmap to realize those goals. The holiday period is over and we have entered not just a new year, but a new decade! It is the perfect time to take stock of your business journey till now and set resolutions for the year ahead.

We have come up with some resolutions you can use that will ensure your progress and help you grow in the right direction towards your goals.

  1. Be online and increase your presence

We live in a time when it has become imperative for even a small/local business to have an online presence. The number of local searches has increased, today’s people will prefer searching for a business that is two blocks away, on their mobiles rather than roaming around in their locality.

If you already have a website, good, but if you don’t, better make it at the earliest. If you are unable to afford it, make social media profiles of your business as that is free. Start marketing your business online, with the help of your website as well as social media handles if you wish to get more customers who are not just local, but from far areas.

  1. Delegate some of your tasks

Small business owners tend to involve in every little detail of their daily tasks, which is understandable because they want to avoid mistakes and see their business succeed. But you should start trusting and empowering your employees more.

Delegating some of your business work will be an efficient way of managing it. Take some load off your own shoulders so that you get more time for planning and executing new ideas, focusing on the bigger picture. You can also outsource some tasks like digital marketing, website developing and maintenance, etc. either to agencies or freelancers; any such task for which you don’t have an employee.

  1. Ensure perfect listings

By default, a majority of small businesses will have some online presence e.g. a name or store photo even if they haven’t listed on any site officially. Check this aspect for your business; see what results you get in your business search results in Google and other search engines.

Whether you have listed your business on directories or not, correct any discrepancies, make them uniform and accurate across all listing sites. We recommend you to take the help of listing sites like Review 360 who will not only correct and update your online presence but do much more, like listing your business on new sites, providing one platform to manage all of them, manage and reply to reviews, generating new reviews, and managing overall brand reputation.

  1. Achieve a balance

Being a small business owner is not just a 9 to 5 job. In fact, it is a norm to work throughout the day, work at crazy hours which is admirable. But don’t drown yourself into work so much that you will neglect other important parts of life, namely family and health.

Do some exercises, take enough sleep at night, give some time of a week even to your hobbies, and stay active in social life as it can be helpful for your business too. Know when to do what; don’t go overboard with one activity, strike an appropriate balance between business and family life.

  1. Give a top-class Customer service experience

If you want to retain your customers and grow them organically without needing to beg them to come to you, then improve your customer service. Even if it is already good, work on ways to improve it, bring innovative methods and automation in it.

You should know that investing in new customers is much more expensive than retaining the old ones. So ensure that you give an awesome customer service experience to your customers, ensure that, in the end, all of them will feel satisfied and happy with your products/services.

It is essential to create healthy business habits for steady growth and success. But they take some time, discipline, and commitment to set rolling. Step up, work hard and smart, make the right moves, so that you make this year and begin this decade successfully. At the end of 2020 when you will look back, you should notice the desired change in your business.

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