30 Tips to create a winning Content for You

30 Tips to create a winning Content for You

You cannot underestimate the content present on the web. It is the most crucial part of your online presence and marketing. It is what the people or customers see about your business on the web. Content plays a big role in attracting new customers and more business to you. Hence, get it perfect right from the beginning with these tips:

  1. Create viral content which will be easily and quickly shared, reviewed, and commented on by the readers themselves.

  2. Avoid making frequent small changes to your content as the search engines will suspect you are doing it just to update the date.

  3. Having a blog on your business website is a must.

  4. Build a content calendar and follow it to the T.

  5. Keep a similar theme and tone of voice for all your content.

  6. The headline/title is the most crucial part of the content; you can use a title generator to get engaging ideas.

  7. Make clever use of videos to keep users engaged on your page.

  8. Everyone makes case study on things going great, you rather also make a case study on things going wrong! It will be helpful.

  9. Reach out to creators and sharers of similar content.

  10. Mention influencers on social media wherever you will share your content to promote.

  11. Don’t just create written content; make also videos, images, infographics, news, podcasts, etc


  12. Explain your value proposition by using captions with product images.

  13. Tools like Grammarly are useful to check for any spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes.

  14. Regularly update your website with fresh content to keep getting crawled.

  15. Every page of your website should have different descriptive titles so that the search engines and humans will clearly understand.

  16. Create content for people, not for search engines.

  17. Sites like SumoMe are useful to track how users interact with your content.

  18. Your content should be reusable; it should be inter-convertible into different mediums like videos, infographics, slides, etc.

  19. If content is in JavaScript it becomes difficult to rank, hence, avoid it.

  20. You should regularly submit content like blogs/articles to external submission sites.

  21. An amazing way to write blog content is Interviews.

  22. You can get content ideas from anywhere possible. Brainstorm with your team to come up with new and unique ideas, search in an advanced way on social media, do competitor research, ask your near and dear ones too.

  23. Optimize the title and the title tag separately when you optimize your blog posts.

  24. Never ever write duplicate content, always check for plagiarism, and always be original. If you violate copyright or similar laws, the search engines will ban your site.

  25. Optimize the text in your RSS feed regularly.

  26. Content should be such that it interlinks pages within your website.

  27. Get fresh content ideas from the various keyword tools

  28. If you wish to increase interactions, gamify your blog.v

  29. Your videos should also be on sites like yahoo, MSN, YouTube, etc. as that will get a good Search Engine Ranking for your website.

  30. Avoid making different content for different IPs. You are showing something other than what readers want to see to the search engines, this should not happen.

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