30 Pieces of Advice to perfect your Link Building

30 Pieces of Advice to perfect your Link Building

Many SEO executives will agree in unison that Link building is not an easy job to do, but you can’t even cast it aside as it is a crucial part of SEO. It takes a while to become an expert in building links that will result in good SEO for your business. The landscape of link building is ever-changing, in order to compete and be on top of your game, you have to adapt and know all that is necessary to succeed in link building. Here are some helpful points which you can use:

  • Search for similar pieces of content as yours and related to your business, comment on that, and deeply engage with the community.

  • Take interviews of experts and build links from that!

  • Accumulate backlinks from a wide network of IP addresses.

  • If you can do it right, use expired domains in your link building strategies.

  • Regularly do link audits to keep track of bad links and remove them.

  • If you or your clients offer Wi-Fi on your/their premises, you can submit to Wi-Fi friendly directories for link building.

  • Focus on building ethical inbound links from multiple sources.

  • Use your network of connected people like customers, suppliers, partners, etc. and ask them to link to your site.

  • To get more backlinks and traffic from other sites, create content for them.

  • Ask for links from other small businesses in your industry and build links for them too; benefit each other mutually!

  • If you don’t want to get penalized, avoid using low quality links.

  • Acquire links from those websites that have linked to your competitors.

  • Improve your ranking by having relevant backlinks.

  • As much as possible, get branded backlinks, because without that your website will be associated with manipulative link building.

  • Build links from trusted sources as that will make your website too, as trusted.

  • Link your website homepage to the most important inner pages.

  • Begin page optimization and building links as they are the most important aspect of SEO.

  • Search engines don’t include pages that are not linked externally/internally in any manner.

  • Acquire links from local events and news for showing press coverage.

  • Link to only those websites that are relevant to your content; avoid getting caught in link circles (cross-linking).v

  • Include your main keyword or a related one in the URL of your page.

  • Don’t fill your pages with only links as they are not favored by search engines for lack of good content.

  • There is no upper limit to the number of links you can have on your website, hence, build links gradually.

  • Have you tried to use broken links to build links?

  • Prepare to work hard for backlinks, it takes a lot of effort to get them.

  • You can convert brand mentions into links and promote your content on Reddit.

  • Find links from .edu or .gov websites, esp. the ones who are looking for sponsors; these links will turn out to be great assets for your website.

  • Take the help of social websites like Quora and Infographics to build links and get traffic.

  • You can promote your existing content with the help of networks like Outbrain.com, it will help get you potential backlinks and drive traffic.

  • Fix the 404s of your website and redirect them to suitable pages.

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