21 Social Media hacks you can use for your Business

21 Social Media hacks you can use for your Business

If there is something that has become a big part of our lives in the last decade, then it is social media. Billions of people spend time on them regularly. So it becomes natural to market your business effectively on them. The biggest reason why social media marketing is popular is that it is free. Hence, to take the maximum advantage of social media, the following tips will be very much helpful in achieving your business objectives.

  1. Write content that will be shareable on multiple social media, though you can customize it a bit to suit the guidelines of each, if any.

  2. To measure performance, the Quality Ranking metric on Facebook and Twitter can be effectively used.

  3. Associate YouTube videos with your Google My Business page.

  4. You should create a Website Custom Audience (WCA) on Facebook so that you will be able to retarget visitors who have visited your website.

  5. Use more hashtags, and relevant ones when promoting posts.
  6. It is important to include links to your social profiles in your email signatures.

  7. You can use any of the ID scraper tools to get the email IDs of your competitors’ Facebook profiles.

  8. Pictures help to capture more audience attention than just text, even on Twitter.

  9. To monitor all your Twitter activity, you can use tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite as it will give opportunities for partnerships and link building.
  10. The links that you will share on your social media posts, should always be shortened.

  11. You can interview members of your local community and promote that on social media in the form of articles, images, videos, etc.

  12. Create content of lists (e.g. best 5, top 7) as this kind gets more interest and engagement, and tends to go viral.

  13. Focus more on your off-site SEO to increase engagement, like tweets, guest posts, and emails.

  14. Take the help of influencers in promoting your business/social media handles of your business as they have a bigger reach and a loyal fan-base.

  15. Your server should be equipped to handle excessive traffic in case anything goes viral.

  16. Do a detailed, in-depth study of all your competitors, their social media handles and the activities on them, before making a strategy of your social media.

  17. Your social media strategy and activity should well complement your SEO strategy.

  18. Always stay active on your social media handles, esp. to respond to comments as early as possible. Keep your followers regularly engaged.

  19. To get new and the latest ideas about marketing on social media, follow relevant people.

  20. You can get new traffic on old content by re-sharing it, this will also save your time in making new content every time for posting.

  21. To not spend more time on sharing activities, automate that by using tools like Tweetdeck, Buffer, TwitterFeed, etc.

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