19 Tips for Mobile Optimization of your Website

19 Tips for Mobile Optimization of your Website

Optimizing your website for mobile platforms is increasingly becoming important with each passing day. More people are using their mobile devices to browse websites and search for what they want. If your business website is still not optimized for mobiles, do it at the earliest and take the assistance of the following tips to make it perfect.

  1. Use a responsive tech framework to ensure that the website is responsive.

  2. You can use the Mobile friendly test of Google to check how it is performing.

  3. Ensure that it is possible to navigate the complete website with a single finger (usually that is the thumb or index finger), and doesn’t require any pinching.

  4. The CTA (Call To Action) should be prominently visible and hard to miss for the users.

  5. Keep a simple design of the website or else it will take a lot of time to load on the users’ mobiles, also keep the content short and sweet.

  6. The “META Viewport Tag” is an important thing to have for a mobile website.

  7. You should use an icon instead of a word to depict a menu as it is easily understandable and takes less space.
  8. Write minimum possible and precise text on the website as compared to a PC version. Also, keep the font size large enough to be easily readable.

  9. It will be beneficial if your mobile website is supported for touch interactions.

  10. JavaScript runs differently on different browsers, mobiles, and even on different models of the same brand! So avoid excessive usage of it and keep it to the minimum.

  11. The landing pages and other collateral of your website should have QR codes.

  12. Ensure that your website is having the fastest possible page load speed even with images and a video in it. Test this aspect even in a 3G network speed.

  13. All the images that will be put on the website should be optimized for the mobile platform.

  14. You can take the help of modernizr.com to detect the HTML5/CSS features.

  15. It is not compulsory to completely avoid having videos for a mobile website; in fact, it’s a must-have as mobile consumers are three times more likely to watch a video on a website. But add only necessary videos and in a limit.

  16. The contact info of your business should be easily visible in the mobile version, keep it on every page in the footer.

  17. Make a separate version of forms for the mobile version where a minimum amount of information is asked to fill.

  18. Ensure your website is optimized for scalability. Do you know that there are about 500 different screen size and resolution combinations between various mobile devices? Check for your pages being scalable in both, the portrait and landscape views.

  19. A majority of mobile traffic do not allow any third party cookies which is why you should set up your own analytics for your business website.

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