19 Hacks for Getting Required Conversions

19 hacks for getting the required Conversion you always wished for!

The aim of majority of marketing campaigns is to make people buy your service or products, not just to create a surge in traffic. But then, not all the carefully thought plans provide the results we desired. If we consider numbers, then the average rate of conversion for e-commerce businesses in the US was around 8 percent in 2018! It was 3 percent for AdWords!

Aren’t these already low numbers? And if the numbers of your business are lower than these, then you need to enrich yourself with the following tips to increase the conversion.

  1. Always ensure Author Markup set up for your website.

  2. Watch out for “Bounce Rates” as they show which pages aren’t performing well.

  3. Each movement of every user should be tracked by you, as soon as they land on your website. You can take the help of Inspectlet that record all the sessions of users on your website.

  4. You should create a need for your customers by using your Brand that will relate to them.

  5. If you wish to find which part of your website gets more clicks, then use heatmap.me for your website.

  6. Your email conversions can be boosted by using P.S.
  7. If your business got featured in any magazine, use their logo for good conversions.

  8. If you provide chat support to the customers, show it in such a way that it is hard to miss.
  9. The images on the homepage of your website should tell the users about your business.

  10. Besides that, make an explainer video regarding your business and keep it on the homepage of your website such that it will be seen by everyone.

  11. Users who have deserted shopping carts should be retargeted. You should bring them back again for a purchase, find ways to do that.

  12. Having a discount badge will guarantee to drive more conversions.

  13. It is better to post testimonials via social media than directly on the website. Embedding or social proof improves conversion rates.

  14. Keep two CTA buttons, one on the bottom of the page and the other on the top. Also, they should have a dedicated landing page.

  15. Users should find that your site is secure, use trust indicators for that, e.g. the ones from McAfee, Norton, etc.
  16. Your business should have loyalty programs for users.

  17. Always state your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), it helps in conversions.

  18. Fix search errors for your website.

  19. Optimize your website for mobiles of all sizes and brands. An increasing number of people are now browsing sites and doing purchases on mobiles.

Getting conversions is very important for any business; without it, their marketing efforts are almost negligible. Be it any type of marketing, in the end, it should increase your business and give you profits, isn’t that what every business desire?

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