15 pieces of advice about Keywords you should know

15 pieces of advice about Keywords you should know

What will you do if your business should rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP) and you want your content to reach the correct people? The answer is – Keyword research. It is a crucial part of the SEO process and is a challenging but rewarding task to come up with the perfect keywords for your business.

If you are going to do anything related to keywords, you may do it better after going through these 15 keyword hacks that will make your job smarter.

  1. Collect keywords from unusual sources like partners, suppliers, customers, employees of rivals, friends, etc.

  2. Use keywords in title tags as it brings more traffic.

  3. Keyword stuffing should be a strict NO.

  4. It is easier to get more traffic with long tail keywords.

  5. Use the Keyword tool from Google to determine the keyword meaning as it is different for some keywords in different locations around the world.

  6. Your website search bar will be a good place to mine for keywords.

  7. Besides putting in keywords in the usual blog and website content sections, you should also put them in the img tags, URL, headers, page title, and the Meta description.

  8. You should have a commercial intent when targeting your keywords.

  9. Links get more preference on web pages, hence use keywords as anchor texts too.

  10. Keep the focus to one particular keyword you want to target for every page of your website.

  11. Always keep your keywords together, that way it will be easier for you for ranking keyword phrases.

  12. Use less popular keywords for smaller events as that will reduce any competition with other known associations.

  13. Whenever and wherever possible, use alternate forms of your keywords like a plural, synonyms, active verbs, gerunds, etc. in ways that will make your content more attractive but still maintain the keyword optimization.

  14. Google Suggest Wildcards is a good way for researching keywords as it is based on real and updated content living on the web.

  15. Search for a popular list and make additions to it. E.g. if you come across “5 best travel destinations for couples,” then make your own with more places and title it as “11 best travel destinations for couples.” People tend to open solutions having more options in them.

Keyword trends constantly change and you have to always update yourself about them. Keyword hacks like above will help keep your business at the forefront of competition.

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