15 Basic Local SEO Hacks for You to Implement

15 Basic Local SEO hacks for you to implement

Search Engine Optimization has been in existence for quite a few decades now. It hasn’t become obsolete; no other concept has replaced it yet, because SEO keeps on evolving in every way possible, like how it is practiced, etc.

You have to constantly keep yourself updated in order to be on top. It is not so easy to know all the tips and tricks of SEO because of the ever-changing dynamics. Some of the vital core hacks you ought to know about SEO are:

  1. You will discover more backlink opportunities by doing competitor research. It is an amazing way to find out which domains are ignoring you and linking to rivals.

  2. Always keep up and respond to messages from Google. Regularly check for 404/500 errors, missing titles, duplicate content, etc.

  3. Have a Twitter account for your business and always keep it updated.

  4. Keep in touch with other people of the industry by commenting on websites and posts; plus, it is also important to respond to your reviews as early as possible.

  5. Take advantage of easy link building opportunities. Link signals like linking domain authority, inbound anchor text, etc. amount to 30% of ranking factors. Hence, it should be in your priority tasks for SEO.

  6. Embed testimonials to your website and also refer to the original source of them so that you can authenticate them.

  7. You also have the right to report your competitor businesses if you find them breaking any of Google guidelines.

  8. You can use AdWords for your paid search, but you shouldn’t expect it to be of any help in your natural search rankings.

  9. Use the Pay Per Click method of marketing wisely, not every time and on every product.

  10. The business CEO should contribute to the website as it increases the credibility when the highest authority takes part in the website activities.

  11. The Tag Manager tool of Google is an awesome way to keep your page and manage its JavaScript code.

  12. If you want your business to appear on the right side of SERPs, of local Knowledge Graph panel, then Structured Data Markup is a very important thing to use. Use different markups for different platforms.

  13. Take part in local communities and forums regularly; do press releases whenever anything worthy of news happens in your business.

  14. Usually, businesses measure metrics like CTR, visitors, etc. but you also measure the image and video rankings. Work in that direction to optimize them for SEO.

  15. Have multiple traffic sources and always keep good relations with other bloggers, potential customers, etc.

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