11 Mistakes You should avoid in your Local Marketing

11 Mistakes You should avoid in your Local Marketing

Doing Local marketing is not anyone’s cup of tea; it requires focusing on many different areas like SEO, PPC, Listings, etc. Sometimes it may take time, but the efforts will be worth it. Your efforts may not bore the desired results if you make mistakes in any task. Whether small or big, these mistakes may be a learning curve for your growth, but they will be detrimental for your business.

You don’t have much margin for any error, and you also don’t have any cushion to fall back on. Hence, you should know the commonly committed mistakes so that you minimize or avoid them so that you save a lot of time and also succeed in your efforts.

No engagement with visitors

Local Marketing is not just about getting new customers, it is also about engaging with them so that they become your long-term loyal customers. Avoid having a one-way conversation line, reply to them instantly, whether it is comments, reviews or any grievances, keep them occupied.

Focusing more on social media than the website

One of the goals of being on social media is to drive traffic to your website. It can never replace your website. The social media sites are owned by someone else, but a website is all yours. It is a nice way to get new leads and engage with the current ones, but you have limits in that, you have to work according to the site’s rules.

Not having a detailed marketing plan

Do you have the habit of shooting in the dark? You should clearly know your aims, ambitions, and what exactly you want to accomplish. Then make a detailed marketing plan accordingly. Write down the details and how will you go about it. Planning now will save a lot of time and money later. 

Is your marketing working? You should know

Time and money are crucial for any business. To ensure you are getting what you are paying for, you should know what is working for you. Find out if you are getting any leads as a direct result of that promotion campaign. Everything is measurable in online marketing, you take advantage of that. Discard the loss making ways of marketing, learn from them and adopt new ones that will boost your business.

Not delivering on promises

Sometimes to promote your business or boost it, you may end up promising free stuff, offering discounts or coupons. Whatever you do, ensure that you are fulfilling it, not falling short. Don’t create a bad reputation for your business with unhappy customers who won’t trust you in the future. If you are still genuinely unable to deliver, sincerely apologize to the customers and deliver at the earliest.

A pretty looking website isn’t a good website

It will be futile to spend a lot of time perfecting the looks and aesthetics of your website. To get traffic to your website, promote and increase your business you need to do other things. They are off-page and on-page SEO, focus more on these and your website’s SERP ranking will increase.

Not answering incoming calls

Studies have concluded that businesses answer only 3 out of their 10 incoming calls. You should take that last mile and close sales. One missed call can be one big opportunity missed to do some bulk business, you never know unless you pick up the call.

Reaching the wrong audience

You should know clearly who will be best served by your products or services. Otherwise, the business will reduce and all marketing efforts will fail. Targeting the correct potential customers will increase your business, give you profits, and complete sales of your products. Gradually you will make progress.

Neglecting competition

This can be a sign of overconfidence. Whether you are new or an established business, you should be up to date about what all your rivals are doing. You may get new ideas for your business, you may understand why they are selling more than you, you will learn from their failures and avoid that for yourself. Study their business model, marketing, tactics, website, etc. and plan your accordingly.

Not highlighting your business information on the website

Doing this will be detrimental to your business sales. Customers should be able to contact you easily and promptly when they want. Avoid frustrating your customers and ensure that your business NAP is visible clearly on your website. It should be on the home page, and at the footer of every subsequent page too.

Not expressing your USP

If your business is the same as your rival, customers will not differentiate and will more likely choose your rival over you. To attract more customers to you, identify what sets you apart from your rivals. Then, market your business accordingly; highlight your USP such that it should reach everyone. Work on that specialty, make it strong, and deliver it effectively.

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